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Real samples of floor sanding projects in Floor Sanding EalingDo you have a question or two about floor sanding and finishing in Ealing W13? We’re pretty sure you must have, so we’ve drawn up this list of the most common ones we’ve encountered when working on wooden floors in Ealing and elsewhere W5. Don’t worry if yours isn’t one of those listed because you can always contact us to find out about anything at all to do with wood floor renovation and we’ll be delighted to help.



Outstanding pictures for floor sanding in Floor Sanding EalingThere’s a certain skill and indeed art to sanding and finishing a wooden floor. You don’t just hire a sander and expect to have the job done like any other on a spare Sunday afternoon. For a proper professional finish that doesn’t leave unsightly patches, stains, blemishes and an uneven surface you really have to call in the professionals.


It may be tempting to hire a cut-price sander under the terms of some deal at your local hire shop, but be careful! Hired sanders are not normally kept in optimal condition simply because they’re always being hired out. Our sanders, on the other hand, are not only the latest models but they’re also maintained to peak levels of perfection too.




Check out picture of high quality floor sanding projects in Floor Sanding EalingThinking of an average sized room like a sitting room, dining room or even small hallway, we’re talking two days on average to completely renovate the floor in a full repair, sanding and finishing cycle. This allows for up to three complete sanding sweeps (which will take one day), and another day for the finishing to be applied.


​Bear in mind, however, that if the floor is in a particularly poor state of repair the job may take a bit longer, but you’ll be informed fully about such things during the initial on-site assessment. We won’t spring any ‘surprises’ on you halfway through the job.



Qualified Floor Gap filling, Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding EalingSanding floor used to be a very messy job when we first started in the business, but technological advances mean that this is no longer the case. Our sanding machines are all designed to severely limit dust production, retaining it instead in special pouches for us to take it away. 

We’ll also seal off the rooms we’re working in from the rest of the property and finally we’ll do a thorough tidy-up before we leave, so to answer the question, no, there won’t be any mess to speak of!



Excellent Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding EalingEvery floor is different – that’s the first thing to remember. As well as being made from different types of wood, floors experience different levels of wear and tear. In a restaurant or busy office environment, for instance, the floor will not remain pristine for as long as one in a quiet domestic setting. 


If you go for a varnish or wax finish for the lounge, for example, you’ll get a great depth of warm colour but you’ll need to re-coat it periodically. All protective barriers such as are applied in the finish will wear through sooner or later and the floor will have to be re-sanded.

If you oil your floor, on the other hand, the oil is completely absorbed deep into the wood itself and will be able to effectively repel dirt and liquid which accumulates on it. You’ll also be able to carry out local repairs on small areas that have become scuffed or dented, without needing a comprehensive re-sanding to be done.




Floor Sanding & Finishing services by  professionalists in Floor Sanding EalingThe only real advantage to using the coloured varnishes you see in DIY stores is that they save you a little bit of time. This is because the teak, oak or other colouring is already in the varnish and so you don’t need to apply it separately. On the down side, successive coats cause deeper darkening and so the final finish may not be quite what you had envisaged. The colour will also start to fade quite soon after its application. ​


We apply stain and varnish separately to have better control and create a tough, long-lasting finish that looks exactly the way you wanted it to. Take a look at our Gallery for some ideas, and check out a few customer Testimonials to see what other customers have been saying about us. 

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